10 Benefits of Drinking Milk


We have all started our lives with milk – yes our mother’s milk. From then on we have always been guided to drink at least a glass of milk a day, by our elders. But most of us shun the idea of drinking milk only because it seems childish or you are too conscious of gaining weight! There are even people who depend on supplements that provide vitamins and calcium required by our body to function properly that drinking milk provides, because they don’t or won’t drink milk. Here are 10 good reasons to drink milk regularly.

1. Avoid osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer. These are a few Benefits from drinking milk you won’t get by popping a vitamin or calcium supplement.


2. Drinking milk can also protect you from tooth decays and cavity problems. You can convince your child about this by offering him/her a glass of chocolate milk. Don’t worry; there are no records of tooth decay because of drinking milk with a chocolate flavor.


3. Milk does not contribute any fat and so you need not worry about those extra pounds! On the contrary it has been proved that people who drink milk regularly stay slim more than those who don’t. Milk gives you many natural vitamins and minerals keeping you healthy and fit.


4. Milk is a very good antacid! Drinking a glass of milk when you experience heartburn can calm your food pipe from inflammation. Drinking milk regularly will prevent heartburn and other gastric problems.


5. For strong bones, teeth, nails and good hair, drink a lot of milk as it is loaded with calcium that helps your body grow strong and flexible.


6. Milk can be a good appetizer, especially when you are dining late. Drinking milk can also act as a stimulant, early morning or even during noon.


7. Drinking a hot glass of milk before bedtime can soothe your nerves and relax your tense muscles putting you off to sleep immediately. This can be really helpful after a tiresome and strenuous day at office.


8. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking milk on a few occasion3 instead of water. This can cool you body as well as maintain the water/fluid level in the body. Milk consumption after a heavy workout can replenish the body system with the fluid lost while performing the exercises.


9. Milk can also drastically reduce PMS symptoms (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) as it is a great stress reliever and also boosts the energy level in us.


10. Milk is full of nutrients that our body requires to operate properly. It contains vitamins (for red blood cells), calcium (for strong bones), carbohydrates (for energy), magnesium (for supple muscles), phosphorus (for utilizing the energy), potassium (for a good nervous system), protein (for growth and healing processes), riboflavin (for a healthy and glowing skin) and zinc (to boost the immune system).

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