20 Tips To Guess If A guy Is Into You












  • Eye contact, if you notice him staring a lot at you, like more than 5 times in the same day. (Unless you got a stain on your shirt)
  • If you and him were in the same area, he would be with you in every where you walk to (like a party or a concert .Etc)
  • He would sit next to you in your class (unless he’s too shy)
  • He would scream or laugh out loud to get your attention.
  • He would kill to be your lab partner at school.
  • If he says to you hi and he’s all too sweaty, make sure he’s nervous and that means he likes you.
  • If you drop something, he would be the first to get it for you.
  • If you get stuck at something awkward, he would sacrifice to get you out of a situation.
  • Know if he asks his friends about you but not directly, to get some info about you, that means he’s interested.
  • If you’re at home and noticed that he walked by your house with his buddies, well he came hoping to see you.
  • If you said a really silly joke, and totally not funny, he will lol so damn hard, coz he thinks your funny (even if you’re not)
  • He would tell his friends how pretty you are, even if they don’t agree much, he would insist that your beautiful (unless you are truly pretty)
  • Don’t trust his opinion when you ask him how do I look? He would always say “amazing”. (Even if you’re messed up)
  • You’re the smartest girl he would ever meet.
  • Nothing you say is wrong.
  • If he doesn’t know where you live, he would follow you to see your house personally.
  • Saying hi to him, would make him the happiest guy today.
  • He might make you jealous by talking to other girls, but still staring at you while he’s hanging with them.
  • Well maybe you are the reason that he comes to school/college/work for
  • He will be bff of your friends just to be close to you

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