Fifteen Tips to Relieve Stress

Fifteen Tips to Relieve Stress

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Family problems, not enough time, trouble with friends — these are just a few of the many things that cause stress. These seven tips can help.


  1. Allow plenty of time. Being too busy is a big source of stress.
  2. Exercise. It’s a great stress buster.
  3. Get plenty of rest and eat well. You’ll be able to handle stress better when it does come up.
  4. Discuss your problems with a friend or family member.
  5. When stress hits big, take a time-out. A few minutes away from the problem can help.
  6. Breathe deeply — slowly in, slowly out. Think of something pleasant.
  7. Ask for help. If you feel like your stress is just too much, talk with your family, a friend or a counselor.
  8. Don’t compete
  9. Go home
  10. Make a hot chocolate
  11. Take a long bath
  12. Slow down
  13. Be flexible
  14. Don’t react move away
  15. Don’t watch the news


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