Patient Communities – Non-Brand Controlled

Program Type Name Description
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Accidental Sisterhood Accidental Sisterhood–“We are dedicated to educating women on all things Pelvic Floor Health related. We provide info on overactive bladder, incontinence and other conditions that over 34 million women deal with daily.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) ACOR ACOR — Association of Online Cancer Resources includes a number of online support communities including sites such as
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Addiction Survivors Addiction Survivors – “ is a not-for-profit organization (501c3 tax exempt status pending) dedicated to providing peer support communities for those with addiction disorders and their families and friends. These forums are funded in whole by individuals whose lives have been touched by addiction in one way or another.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) ADHD News Forum ADHD News Forum — “Join our support group at the ADHD message boards with over 16,000 topics of discussion. Ask a question or connect with someone who is coping with ADHD like you.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Advanced Breast Cancer Community Advanced Breast Cancer Community — “The Advanced Breast Cancer Community is a comprehensive information source and online community solely dedicated to the needs of advanced (metastatic) breast cancer patients, caregivers, family and friends, and health care providers.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) American Diabetes Association American Diabetes Association — Discussion board featured on, the home of the American Diabetes Association
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Ask a Patient Ask a Patient — patient provided drug ratings and reviews on almost all prescription products (via @roskadigital)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Autism 151 Autism 151 — “Autism 151 is a campaign to pull our community together and offer a brighter, more positive view of autism.” Features videos shared by the community.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “ has unique, expert-guided communities where you have access to authoritative information about health topics that matter to you. You’ll participate in peer-generated conversations, connect with other people who have similar experiences and interests, and interact with well-known, highly regarded healthcare professionals.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Body1 Body1 — “Body1 is a premier medical education and marketing company that educates targeted populations and provides interactive marketing tools for pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and biotechnology organizations.” (via @bunnyellerin)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) The Canary Report The Canary Report — “The Canary Report is the leading website dedicated to news, information and inspiration for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and those who love them.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Cancer Forward CancerForward–“CancerForward: The Foundation for Cancer Survivors is a not-for-profit web-based networking and educational resource for cancer survivors. Comprised of communities of individuals with similar interests in cancer survivorship, the website is designed to provide a place where survivors can connect with other survivors and with healthcare professionals to share experiences, advice and information about disease-specific issues as well as health, wellness and practical living issues.” via @shelleypetersen
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Cancer Compass Cancer Compass — “Within CancerCompass you’ll find a thriving community of more than 15,000 people connected to the latest cancer news, cancer information, decision support resources, and most importantly, each other.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Cancer Survivors Network Cancer Survivors Network – “Discussion boards are used to post questions, answers, or comments about various aspects of your cancer experience such as diagnosis, treatment, relationships, or taking care of someone with cancer.” This is part of the American Cancer Society’s website at
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) CancerTV CancerTV — “CancerTV is the destination to share information and learn about cancer across the web. We encourage you to post your own original programming and share your experiences in our members’ forum. Institutions can also contribute content, such as educational videos, for broadcast to our global, connected audience.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Care Flash Care Flash — “CareFlash provides a common place on the Internet, to and from which people may submit, retrieve and share information and well-wishes surrounding a loved one’s health circumstances.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) COPD Foundation COPD Foundation – The COPD Foundation is a 501-c-3 not-for-profit organization created on June 14, 2004, and headquartered in Miami, Florida. In such a short period of time, the COPD Foundation has accomplished so much, bringing together the resources in the COPD community and creating more opportunities in order to serve those affected by the disease. (via @bradatpharma)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Circle of Sharing Circle of Sharing — “Circle Of Sharing helps cancer patients and their caregivers get personalized information about the disease, and share that information with family and friends.You can create a Circle Of Sharing for yourself, or create one on behalf of someone you’re caring for.” –From the American Cancer Society
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Crazy Sexy Life Crazy Sexy Life — “Crazy Sexy Life is a supercharged health hub filled with compassion, knowledge, and an anything-is-possible spirit. Our righteous mission is to bring together amazing resources and cutting edge experts in one easy to navigate hot spot.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America — non-profit foundation site featuring discussion groups and forums
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) CureTogether CureTogether — “CureTogether helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “We are patients and families from all over the world, sharing our experiences with CF and gaining power over our disease and our futures. We are joined together to grow our knowledge and reach amazing goals. Please join our community and our movement–together we are building knowledge and reaching for a cure.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Daily Strength Daily Strength –”Most everyone has a serious personal challenge themselves or has someone close to them that does. DailyStrength is a collection of safe, anonymous, online support groups focused on over 500 specific challenges to help people overcome their personal challenge or support a loved one through theirs.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Depression Forums Depression Forums — “Depression is a community support website soley dedicated to Depression and Mental Health.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Depression Tribe Depression Tribe — “While professional therapy and medication are a critical part of treatment, journaling and “talking” with others can offer many a chance to gain insight into their problems. DepressionTribe offers members a place to share stories, encouragement and friendship.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Depression Understood Depression Understood — “Depression Understood offers many ways in which like-minded people can communicate with each other and offer peer support to one another.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Diabetes1 Diabetes1 — Created by Body1: “Body1 is a premier medical education and marketing company that educates targeted populations and provides interactive marketing tools for pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and biotechnology organizations.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Diabetic Connect Diabetic Connect –”We’re all friends here—friends who know what it’s like to live with diabetes. We make it easy to start conversations, share recipes, ask questions about diabetic products, and much more. Our hope is to give you the support and information you need to live a long healthy life with diabetes.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Disaboom Disaboom — “For people with disabilities, Disaboom’s lifestyle articles, blogs, forums, and health information provide shared knowledge about SCI, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other disabilities. Whether you’re an amputee, caregiver, disabled veteran, or interested in exploring adaptive sports, accessible travel, or any other disability-related topic, welcome!”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) dLife dLife – “dLife is the only integrated consumer/patient education and marketing platform that effectively targets and engages the diabetes community. dLife has become the premiere model to help companies communicate, educate and interact with millions of diabetes patients, consumers and caregivers.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) DoubleCheckMD DoubleCheckMD — “The first-ever online medical search technology that empowers users to quickly and easily find accessible, accurate information on drug interactions and their side effects.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) eDrugSearch eDrugSearch — “ launched in January 2007 as a specialized search engine for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription drugs from prescreened international pharmacies.” The site also features a community where users can rate drugs and also discuss various treatments.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) eHealthMe eHealthMe — “eHealthMe is a platform to share and make use of drug outcomes in real world and in real time. Our user reports of drugs and conditionshave surpassed those on WebMD and other major health care websites. On eHealthMe, health professionals and patients can study how millions of people use their drugs, and change the way how drugs are prescribed or taken.” via @andrewspong
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “Epilepsy Therapy Project seeks to improve incentives and encourage commercial investment in new therapies. Acting as both a catalyst and clearing house for innovative research and the early commercialization of new therapies, the Epilepsy Therapy Project brings together financial resources, scientific insights and business expertise from leading academic and commercial industry participants.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Face to Face Health Face to Face Health — “FacetoFace Health is a healthcare social utility designed to connect people directly together with each other via our HealthMatch system.” Interesting angle to connect individuals versus a group discussion.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) FindaDoc FindaDoc — “The FindaDoc solution started as a simple concept: provide a fair and credible resource that is easy-to-use and that provides honest information about America’s doctors, to help support you in your healthcare choices.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Healia Healia — “online health community and support groups where you can anonymously share health information, find people with similar health interests, ask questions of peers and health professionals for free, and earn Healia Points for helping others. ”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Healing Well Healing Well – “ is a thriving social network and support community for patients, caregivers, and families coping with the daily struggles of diseases, disorders and chronic illness. Our goal is simple….to help people on their way to “healing well”.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HealthBoards HealthBoards — “provides a unique one-stop support group community offering over 150 message boards on various diseases, conditions, and health topics. The HealthBoards community is one of the largest and most dynamic on the Web, with over 400,000 registered members, and over 3 million messages posted.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HealtheTreatment HealtheTreatment “Your story is our story. Contribute your experiences to our library of health information so others can learn from your expertise.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Health Central Health Central — discussion groups for multiple conditions from acid reflux to skin care.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HealthGrades HealthGrades – “…providing ratings and profiles of hospitals, nursing homes and physicians to consumers, corporations, health plans and hospitals.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HealthTuber HealthTuber — “Online Video Health Network”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) icyou Health Videos icyou Health Videos–“the Web’s only destination focused solely on bringing you the whole world of healthcare video. From important medical breakthroughs to the latest diets, from recipes for people with diabetes to vlogs from cancer patients, icyou is healthcare video.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “We are changing the way that doctors, pharmacists, researchers and patients like you communicate about drug safety. We help you stay informed about your medications and help researchers access valuable feedback that can help improve how medications are used.” Includes patient reviews of pharma products
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) I’m Too Young for This I’m Too Young for This — “Unlike every other age group, there has been no improvement in the 5-year survival of young adults since 1976. This is not OK. Young adults also face unique issues that are not currently being met by the current continuum of care including fertility, isolation, insurance, dating/sexuality, financial assistance, education, employment and age-appropriate peer support such as social networking, both off and online.” From @thesafa
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Inspire Inspire — “Inspire connects patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support. Inspire works withtrusted health partners to build safe and secure health and wellness groups.” Numerous groups for many different disease states.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Joy of Diabetes Joy of Diabetes — small group, but leverages Ning to create a community versus developing entirely from scratch. Also tweets@liveoutloudwdiabetes
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) – Juvenation is a social network created by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) especially for people with type 1 diabetes.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Know Cancer Know Cancer — “The Know Cancer Community was created to unite the World in the fight against cancer. It is a place where you can connect with others, share your stories, and find support. A place where you can seek inspiration and provide empowerment.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) MedHelp MedHelp — “MedHelp empowers over 7.5 million people each month to take control over their health and find answers to their medical questions. MedHelp has over 15 years of accumulated information from doctors and other patients across hundreds of conditions.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) MD Circle MD Circle — “The best way to get credible informative reviews is to ask your family, friends and trusted doctors. This can be an issue if you have a sensitive matter that you don’t want everyone to know yet you still want a trusted referral. MDcircle works the way you do by building a trusted network among your friends and your doctors not some strangers.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) MD Info MD Info — “MDinfo is a health information resource that empowers visitors to post questions and receive responses from Health Experts in a variety of specialties.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) MD Junction MD Junction — “MDJunction is an active center for Online Support Groups, a place where thousands of patients meet every day to discuss their feelings, questions and hopes with like minded friends.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Metabolic Body Odor Community Metabolic Body Odor Community — community entirely focused on support around metabolic disorders that cause body odor
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — Breast cancer focused information and support community that is part of the Health
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) My Cancer Place My Cancer Place — “My Cancer Place is the only place to join a community of people with cancer, share information, give and receive support, learn from the experiences of others, and create a free web page with text and photos that you can change anytime.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) myHealthCommunities myHealthCommunities
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) National Keratoconus Foundation Forum National Keratoconus Foundation Forum — “Through this forum and an email-based discussion group, KC Link, we provide information and support for people diagnosed with keratoconus,and their families.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) NetDoctor NetDoctor — “ is a collaboration between committed doctors, health care professionals, information specialists and patients who believe that medical practice should be based on quality-assessed information and, wherever possible, on the basis of the principles of evidence-based medicine. Over 250 of the UK’s and Europe’s leading doctors and health professionals write, edit and update the contents of” Largest UK patient site.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Obesity Help Obesity Help — “Welcome to ObesityHelp, the nation’s preeminent Bariatrics support community for patients and professionals.1998, ObesityHelp has been at the forefront of patient support and education, providing our over 600,000 members with the most comprehensive industry information available. ”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Organized Wisdom Organized Wisdom — “the first human-powered, doctor-guided search service for health.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Our Beautiful Minds Our Beautiful Minds — “This website is dedicated to people dealing with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and other related conditions. That includes the people suffering from them and also those who love and/or care for them.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Patient Power Patient Power — “Patient Power is devoted to helping you and your family through knowledge, to get the best medicine and return to good health.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Patients Like Me Patients Like Me – unbranded, 3rd party company, supports ALS, Parkinson’s, MS, depression, and a few others. One of the largest and most active patient support sites in the world.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Patientsville Patientsville — “ is Your #1 Information Source of side effect information. Our mission is to provide You with the best knowledge about side effects of prescription and off-the-shelf medications.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Planet Cancer Planet Cancer — “A community of young adults with cancer” from @pixelsandpills
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) PolioToday PolioToday — “ is published by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. This website is designed to raise awareness of post-polio syndrome and to be a resource for polio survivors. Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine, founded the Salk Institute in 1960.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “This community was started in early 2005 with the goal of providing an unbiased source of personal experiences with prescription drugs. The idea for putting this together was sparked by the fact that there did not seem to be an easy to use site out there for the average person to learn about and share their experiences with various medications. From the very first design to how the site operates today, simplicity and community have been our focus.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Psych Central Psych Central — “the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health network, providing reliable, trusted information & self-help support communities for over 13 years.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) RareShare RareShare — Unique social hub building communities for patients, families, and healthcare professionals affected by rare disorders.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) RateMDs RateMDs — “The purpose of the site is to be a resource for people who want to find a good doctor. Where else can you find out what others think of your doctor? When choosing a doctor, wouldn’t you like some information first? It also gives you, the user, a place to voice your opinion. Your opinion will help others find a good doctor.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Real Mental Health Real Mental Health — “ is the first social networking site focusing on mental health treatment and wellness. The online community includes individuals, their family members, loved ones and friends who want to easily and interactively obtain knowledge about symptoms and treatments in a supportive community environment.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Real Women on Health Real Women on Health — “Welcome to our community where women support each other in being their own best health and wellness advocate!”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) RealSelf RealSelf — “Get the real story about cosmetic treatments from real people and great doctors”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Revolution Health Revolution Health — “, a free, comprehensive health and medical information site, specifically designed with the Family’s Chief Medical Officer — women and other caregivers — in mind. offers best-of-breed health information as well as more than 125 online tools aimed at helping individuals take control of their well-being.” Includes multiple support groups and blogs for various diseases.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Rheumatology Channel Rheumatology Channel — “Developed and monitored by board-certified physicians, RheumatologyChannel provides comprehensive, trustworthy information about rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions and diseases, such as arthritis, gout, and lupus.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) rVita rVita — “rVita’s mission is to help people heal themselves with the help of Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) RX Mole RX Mole — “Rx Mole is an independent community for people to network together to share prices on local prescription drugs. Each member can confidentially submit or look up prices online. Know the price before traveling to a pharmacy.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “A non-profit community providing in-depth information, support and education related to schizophrenia, a disorder of the brain and mind.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Sleep Disorder Connect Sleep Disorder Connect – “Whether you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or insomnia or another sleep disorder, we make it easy to start conversations, share treatments, read and post product recommendations, and much more.” Site is in Beta
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) SoberCircle SoberCircle — “is a friendly and feature-rich online recovery community. It is a “home away from home” for people in recovery or those considering recovery, and their family and friends.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) SparkPeople SparkPeople — “This site really is free– with no strings attached. Over 5 million people have joined SparkPeople to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. Major media outlets like Good Morning America, The Today Show, and People Magazine regularly feature successful SparkPeople members and talk about how this is a completely free site.” “Best Health Website” in 2006, 2007, and 2008 according to Business Week.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) — “Our goal is to provide you with information and perspectives about living with atrial fibrillation, and to help you find an atrial fibrillation treatment or cure. We’re about patients helping patients, providing information, education, and resources. We’re here to help you overcome your atrial fibrillation. You are not alone.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled Sugar Stats Sugar Stats — “SugarStats provides online diabetes management, community support and collaborative sharing to motivate and improve health.” Paid service.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Take this Life Take this Life –”Welcome to, the Internet’s most unique depression forum. Here you will find people who will listen. More importantly, here you will find people who will care. You can take this life and improve it. We can help.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Teen Connector Teen Connector — Private community for teens with cancer, sponsored by Teva.  Article about site here. (via @natbourre)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) The Body The Body — “The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource” Also includes a new tracking feature, My Health Tracker, sponsored by Merck. (via @skypen)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) This is MS This is MS — “This is MS is an unbiased, unaffiliated site dedicated to eradicating Multiple Sclerosis. We offer an open-minded approach to *all* potentially viable treatments, ranging from the FDA-approved disease-modifying drugs such as Copaxone to alternative treatments such as Low Dose Naltrexone.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Trusera Trusera – “Trusera is an online health network with real-world experiences and insights from people like you.” NOTE: as of May 27,2009, Trusera is no longer available (story here).
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Traineo Traineo — “Traineo helps you lose weight by letting you track your progress through a unique way of getting friendly motivation. The concept is simple: you sign up and choose up to 4 friends or members of your family to receive weekly email updates on how you’re doing.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) TuDiabetes TuDiabetes — “A social network for support, education, and sharing the steps taken every day to stay healthy while living with this very serious condition.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Upopolis Upopolis — “Upopolis is a private social utility that connects young hospital patients to their family, friends and school network .” (via @natbourre)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Vitals Vitals — “At some point in our lives, we all will need to go to the doctor. Perhaps for a mild problem, or perhaps for a serious one. Vitals was created to give consumers the tools — for the first time — to make informed decisions about which doctor to choose. Our web site offers you a variety of ways to find a doctor that’s right for you.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) WebMD Health Exchange WebMD Health Exchange — “Introducing a place where you can get help and give help within WebMD, the most trusted leader in online health information.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) WEGOHealth WEGOHealth — “WEGO Health is the home of Health Activists – vigorous advocates, avid connectors, daily contributors and social media opinion leaders who bring the expertise of having been there, survived that. ”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Wellsphere Wellsphere — “Wellsphere’s mission is to help millions of people live healthier, happier lives by connecting them with the knowledge, people and tools they need to manage and improve their health. Recognizing that each person has their own unique health questions, we developed a model that combines personalized information and social support to help people address their individual concerns.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) What Now What Now — “Join a community of 1000s of people affected by cancer and chat, blog, post to the forums, join support groups, share photos and videos and much more.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Wiser Together/Wiser Pregnancy Wiser Together/Wiser Pregnancy — “WiserTogether was born out of the simple idea that technology can help people facing challenging situations to make informed decisions that give them peace of mind. Making decisions without adequate information is stressful – especially when the health of you or your baby is at stake.” Community data and decision resource using “crowdsourced” past decisions and outcomes. (via Joel Selzer)
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) TMJ Hope TMJ Hope: “TMJ Hope is a website & community designed to help fellow temporomandibular joint disorder sufferers through their journey. We have every intention of providing the latest research & educational materials to our users, but this site is written & participated in by lay people.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Vivu Vivu: social network to connect potential patients and doctors
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Be Valley Be Valley: “Bevalley, a health network where medical facts are shared and analyzed”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HCV Share HCV Share: Hepatitis C Support Network
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Navigating Cancer Navigating Cancer: “We understand how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be. Navigating Cancer will help you take control of your journey by bringing together powerful tools, relevant cancer resources, and a supportive community — all free and easy to use.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Health Unlocked Health Unlocked: “HealthUnlocked is a place where you can connect with people who share your health concerns and find information and advice in groups sponsored by organizations you know and trust. As a member you can use HealthUnlocked to let friends and family know how you’re doing, contact others who share your health concerns, receive personalized updates and information about participating in surveys and clinical trials, and more.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Remedeo Remedeo: (French) “Our mission is to provide online information customized, objective and relevant , to assist the population in the daily management of their health in partnership with health professionals.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Chronic Babe Chronic Babe — “An online resource for young women with chronic illness.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) User Meds User generated drug reviews including images.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Cushing’s Help Support program for people with Cushing’s Syndrome.
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Kids With Food Allergies “Our Parents of Food Allergic Kids (POFAKâ„¢) Community is the largest online support community for families raising children with food allergies. “
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) HealthShare Groups “Healthshare groups is a social health network. Our community helps members take control of their health through information and support. Members use healthshare groups to make valuable friendships, share health information, and coordinate support and care for other.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) Blog for a Cure “The mission of Blog for a Cure is to make life a little bit easier for cancer survivors by providing a free personal web publishing service for them and continuing to develop and upgrade this service to be the best it can be for its users.”
Patient Communities (Non-Brand Controlled) GRACE “GRACE is a nonprofit organization that was developed as a means of improving the overall medical care for cancer patients by democratizing cutting edge information on optimal cancer management and providing it directly to patients.”


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